Fine Amounts

To pay a fine online, visit: or call 1-844-699-2849 to pay by phone.  Processing fees will be applied to the fine amount.  

You may also pay in person at the Cedartown Police Department or mail in payments using certified checks, cashiers checks, or money orders.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH and PERSONAL CHECKS.  Make certified checks, cashiers checks, and money orders payable to:  Cedartown Police Department.
With name or copy of your ticket(s), Mail to:  Cedartown Police Department
                                                                  118 N. Philpot St.
                                                                  Cedartown, Georgia 30125

CHARGES IN RED, BOLD ITALICS WITH AN ASTERISK (*) MUST APPEAR IN COURT. You will not be able to pay these fines online.

                            VIOLATION                      BOND/FINE AMOUNT  
*Attempting to elude (1st Offense)800
*Attempting to elude (2nd Offense)1100
*Attempting to elude (3rd Offense)2800
*Aggressive Driving   535
Criminal Trespass         200
Crossing Over a Fire Hose3354
*Discharging Firearm inside of City630
Disorderly Conduct200
*Disorderly House250
*Driving without a License (1st Offense)800
*Driving without a License (2nd Offense)1500
*Driving without a License (3rd Offense)2200
Driving without a License on Person   10
Driving with an Expired or Improper License125
Driving in  Violation of Limited Permit250
Driving on the wrong side of the road125
Driving an Unsafe/Improperly Equipped Vehicle125
*Drug Related Objects (1st Offense)720
*Drug Related Objects (2nd Offense)1020
*Drug Related Objects (3rd Offense)1520
*D.U.I. (1st Offense)   1300
*D.U.I. (2nd Offense)2100
*D.U.I. (3rd Offense)    3100
 *D.U.I. Child Endangerment1300
Failure to Dim Headlights    110
Failure to Maintain Lane125
Failure to Signal When Turning or Changing Lanes 115
Failure to Stop for A School Bus Loading/Unloading 500
Failure to Stop at Stop Sign125
Failure to Yield to Authorized Emergency Vehicle150
Failure to Yield After Stopping at Stop Sign125
Failure to Yield at Intersection125
Failure to Yield While Turning Left125
Failure to Yield While Entering or Crossing Roadway 125
Failure to Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk175
False Report of a Crime235
False Report of a Fire Alarm235
Following to Close125
Gas Drive Off185
Giving False Information310
 Hands Free Law (1st Offense)        
 Hands Free Law (2nd Offense)             100
 Hands Free Law (3rd Offense)                    150
Handicapped Parking300
Headlight Requirement125
Impeding Flow of Traffic125
Improper Stopping125
Improper Muffler125
Improper Use of Central Turn Lane   125
Improper Use of Horn125
Improper Left or Right Turn125
Improper U Turn125
Injury, Tearing Down, or Destruction of Mailboxes285
Interference with Calls for Emergency Services250
Interfering with Utility Property235
Intruding on Railroad Tracks135
Laying Drag200
Leaving the Scene of an Accident500
Light Reducing Material (Window Tint)125
Loud Music From Vehicle or Residence110
Loitering 140
Move Over Law400
New Residence-30 Days to Obtain License125
 *No Insurance350
Obedience to Signal Indicating Approach of Train125
Open Container by Driver300
Open Container    150
Parking in a Fire Lane (1st Offense)                                150
Parking in a Fire Lane (2nd Offense) 300
Parking on Wrong side of the Road50
Parking within 15 feet of Fire Hydrant 50
Passing in a No Passing Zone125
Passing on Hill crest, or in a Curve with Obstructed 
Passing on the Shoulder125
Passing Within 200 ft of Oncoming Traffic125
Permitting One to Violate State Law200
Permitting Unlicensed Person to Drive                                200
Public Drunk   170
Public Indecency235
Poss./Consumption of Alcohol by Minor300
*Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce 
(1st Offense)   
*Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce 
(2nd Offense)
*Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce 
(3rd Offense)
Public Park Curfew175
*Reckless Driving500
Riding Motorcycle w/o a Helmet   155
Resisting Arrest 600
Seatbelt Violation (Adult)        15
Seatbelt Violation (Ages 8-17) 25
Seatbelt Violation (Ages 7 & Under) 1st Offense50
Seatbelt Violation (Ages 7 & Under) 2nd Offense 100
Sell/Furnish Alcohol to Minor (1st Offense)     600
Sell/Furnish Alcohol to Minor (2nd Offense) 1100
Sell/Furnish Alcohol to Minor (3rd Offense)1625
*Shoplifting (1st Offense) 500
*Shoplifting (2nd Offense) 1000
*Shoplifting (3rd Offense) 1500
Soliciting Rides 110
Speeding up to 15 MPH Over Posted Limit 125
Speeding 16-25 MPH Over Posted Limit 155
Speeding 26-35 MPH Over Posted Limit 185
Speeding 36 + Over Posted Limit 235
Speeding up to 15 MPH Over Posted Limit in
Construction or School Zone    
Speeding 16-25 MPH Over Posted Limit in
Construction or School Zone 
Speeding 26-35 MPH Over Posted Limit in
Construction or School Zone
Speeding 36 + Over Posted Limit in 
Construction or School Zone
Striking a Fixed Object150
*Suspended Driver's Licence (1st Offense) 800
*Suspended Driver's License (2nd Offense) 1500
*Suspended Driver's License (3rd Offense) 2200
*Suspended Registration/Tag800
Slaughtering Livestock in City Limits 125
Stopping, Standing, or Parking Prohibited 125
Tag Covers/Obscured Tag Frames 125
Tag Light Requirement 125
Tags:  Operating w/o Proper Tag/Decal  (Expired Tag)125
Tags:  Removing/Affixing Tag w/ Intent to Misrepresent 125
Tail Light Requirements125
Too Fast for Conditions 125
Truck Route Ordinance250
Unlawful Conduct During 911 Call 300
Unsecured Load Creating a Safety Hazard on Vehicle135
Unsecured Load/Littering from Vehicle Onto Roadway210
Violation of Fireworks Ordinance          620
Wearing Headphone While Driving 125