Field Operations

Patrol Division


The Cedartown Police Department consist of 24 uniformed patrol officers. There are uniformed patrol officers out patrolling and answering calls for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may see these officers in patrol vehicles, on foot or on bicycles. Some of the duties associated with the uniformed patrol division include the following:

Preventive patrol: Including inspections and inquiry of persons and property toward the prevention of crimes and accidents. They maintain public order and discover hazards and delinquent situations.

Crime Prevention activities: Including crime prevention education at adult and juvenile levels, conducting security checks of businesses and residences, and special crime prevention presentations before the community

The response to citizens' requests for service

  • Investigation of crimes, offenses, incidents and conditions, including the arrest of the offenders
  • Traffic Direction and Control
  • Maintenance of public order
  • Provide emergency services to the community
  • To develop and maintain a good relationship between the police department and the community
  • Prompt and accurate reporting of incidents and crimes
  • Receiving and forwarding citizen complaints.

Traffic Unit


The Cedartown Police Department's traffic unit consist of two motorcycle officers who have received training through Post on the emergency operation of a motorcycle and also several traffic law classes. The duties of these officers include, traffic enforcement, leading parades and other special events as assigned by the Chief of Police. The motorcycle traffic unit has been in existence since 2004. While on patrol, the motorcycle units have noticed a decrease of speed on the highways incorporated within the city limits of Cedartown.

K-9 Unit


On May 23, 2009, Cedartown Police Department lost a valuable member of their team. K-9 Dan, a German Shepherd, died from gastric dilatation, where the stomach fills with air and essentially rotates, or twists, not allowing matter in the stomach to pass. Dan started with the department in March 2003 with his handler Sgt. Jon Zuker. During his time of service, Dan assisted with many drug arrest and also apprehension of fleeing criminals.
Bear is Sgt. Zuker's current K-9.  

School Resource


The Cedartown Police Department provides two full time resource officers. The School Resource Officers regularly patrol the Cedartown High School and the Cedartown Middle School. The officers that are assigned to the resource officer position have received training and will continue to be trained in the area that focuses on the duties of being a school resource officer. The duties of our School Resource officer include, keeping order in the school, security for special school functions, assisting with unruly students, creating safety plans for the school, traffic control and enforcement and detouring crime at the schools.

Sgt. Jesse Morris

Officer Bryce Momon